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Gaming Computers. Computer repair . Computer repair near me. Data Recovery

Gaming PCs

Let GTron build your Gaming Experience Today.

We put together the latest Components with cutting edge technology for your most comforting experience.

We used major brands Asus, Gigabyte, Corsair, MSI , Crucial , Patriot etc.. along with the best I7 I9 and AMD Ryzen Chipsets.

We are one call away, feel free to call us and get your gaming experience on the right track today.

Data Recovery. Fix my hard drive. Same day computer repair.

Data Recovery - Same Day

We are #1 Data Recovery service in the East Bay of San Francisco. Have you lost your info ? Your disk is not accessible? you lost your lifetime  info since there was no backup whatsoever? frustrated you'd be out of business since your media failed on you... No Problem ! 

Our Sophisticated clean room facility in the east bay has helped so many residents and small businesses to get back and regain their smile.

if you are facing a crash on your SD Card, SSD , IDE SATA II , III or  M2 drives call today and let us help..


Network Solution

We help homes and small businesses setup and setup and run their intranet or internet configuration. From file servers to exchange to IP protections with firewall we do it all.

Cloud solution is also available here, with phone cloud based for small and medium size companies.

Check with us today..

Data Recovery. Computer Repair. Wifi Setup

Windows OS and MAC OSX 

VIRUSES are taking you as a hostage? slowing down your computer performance? we are here to help.. Our pros are ready around the clock to get all setup with the same day service.

No boot record? no problems... 

No Performance or a PC/ MAC running slug... we can help

call today to get your problems fixed.

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